Quarter Horse Lane, Fairfield, CT

2017 HOBI Award
Best Multi-Generation Unit

The home was purchased to accommodate two generations living comfortably in one home. Elderly parents desired their own space while at the same time having easy access to their family and all of the home’s amenities.

To meet the elderly parent’s aging needs, a long-term plan was developed to address safety, ease of use which takes into account their independence and changing needs in years to come.

The renovation included the entire first floor of an existing home. The kitchen, master suite with hers and his walk-in closets, laundry facility, easy access to an outdoor terrace with railed steps and ramps as well as a spacious master bathroom were all part of the program.

Master bathroom safety and ease-of-access features:

  • Curb-less shower entry for future wheelchair accessibility
  • Shower grab bars
  • Easily graspable hand rails, and door knobs
  • Space fixed to permit future mobility with a wheelchair
  • Toilet and sink designed to meet future aging needs
  • Plenty of windows for natural light

Photos by Jim Fuhrmann