Cross Highway, Fairfield, CT

2018 HOBI Award
Best Remodel Kitchen

Domus Constructors designed and built this magnificent newly remodeled space in an existing Georgian Brick Colonial home in Fairfield, CT.

The clients had lived with the existing kitchen space for over two decades, and it was time for a bright and completely new kitchen. Design meetings were held during the first two months to discuss client’s goals and vision which included expanding the kitchen into the adjacent Family Room to allow for an open concept where the clients could better use the space for entertaining

Everything was demolished including the roman travertine stone flooring, there were some challenges with multiple existing finished floor heights, and in the end all the different floors met seamlessly

New 8 – inch – wide American cherry was installed to match the adjacent floors; a completely new lighting system was installed including task lighting for the countertops. The existing island downdraft exhaust at the cook top was scrapped for a new properly sized exhaust hood at the new Wolf range location. New custom cabinets and countertops were designed and installed with every detail meeting the clients needs for maximum use of space including right down to the smallest details, such as custom drawer dividers, set up to accommodate gadgets.

Photos by Jim Fuhrmann